New Program for a changed world.

With the COVID 19 pandemic Music for HOPE along with the entire world has been impacted. Overnight we were forced to curtail our operations and could no longer provide our programs to youth centers and assisted living facilities. To make matters even worse our revenues and donations dropped to almost nothing. Live music and production of events disappeared overnight and it looks like it will not return at least till next year.

In response to this Music for HOPE is introducing a brand new program. This program consists of a combination of live streaming and live performance events all produced with professional sound and lighting and with social distancing and covid restrictions strictly adhered to. We have launched the Live Performance segment with “Live Music Fridays” at a venue “Sugar’s located in Boulder City Nevada. We are still working on the logistics and equipment for the live streaming side and hope to launch this segment in the next couple of weeks with a new Youtube channel.

The mainMusic obstacle we have encountered is funding to upgrade our technology. We need your help and support more than ever in order to continue to support and promote music programs. Please follow the link on the right side of this page to our online donation page and make a donation today so that we may “Make the world a better place through music”.

Thank you for your help and support.