Say hello to summer

Well it is mid June and things have been sizzling around here. Not the weather mind you although its a coming. We ended May with a wonderful shout out from our friend Brandi Carlisle who provided Music for HOPE with 100 tickets to her June 1st  “Echo in the Canyons” concert in Washington State to share with our friends and supporters. I could not make the concert myself as I was stuck here at Music for HOPE Headquarters in Nevada but I hear a good time was had by all. Thank you Brandi.

I just got back from a quick road trip to Fresno California to visit with some of our Music for HOPE volunteers and supporters. I stopped in to one of our favorite local music venues (and biggest supporters in the area) the “Starving Artists Bistro“. If you don’t know about “Starving Artists Bistro” it is a local restaurant with some great food and an all ages music venue with a twist. You see Starving Artists has an open stage complete with sound system, microphones, house instruments and all all invited to get up and share some music at anytime the restaurant is open. I met with the owner and a good friend Bob Sullivan to see how things were going.  Bob informed me that things were going well musically. Their stage is almost always occupied with some great talent. Most of the musicians who perform there are young upcoming musicians who would not have an outlet to share their musical offerings or a place to hone their craft if it were not for Bob and the “Bistro”. Several young artists have gone on to get record deals after being “discovered” on the stage at Starving Artists.   To learn more about the “Starving Artists Bistro” you can follow them on facebook  or follow the “Starving Artists Bistro Musicians” group Most days you can catch some great music live streamed on facebook. Thanks Bob Sullivan for all you do to help young people get involved in music!


Well I am still working on the new and improved Music for HOPE website. There is just not enough hours in the day but it will be done soon!

That is all the time I have right now but follow this blog and I will have more to share real soon.


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