May 2020 Update

I have not posted in this blog for a while, not much to say given the events of the last couple of months. Needless to say with the restrictions imposed from the COVID 19 situation some of Music for HOPE’s programs have been put on an indefinite hold. We are not able to go into assisted livings or hospitals to provide music and most youth programs and schools have been shuttered.

These interruptions to our daily lives have not altered the need or importance of music in our daily lives but have changed the manner in which we can share it with others. The new programs that we were getting ready to launch consisting of open mic nights, songwriters showcases and performance opportunities for new and upcoming musicians were stopped dead in their tracks before they even got off the ground. These programs will still see the light of day we just do not know when we will be able to restart with the live music ventures.

In the meantime we have been busy supporting artists who have been live-streaming on various platforms with financial assistance and promotional assistance by sharing on social media and whatever other means at our disposal.

We will continue in our fundraising efforts as when schools and venues reopen they will need our assistance more then ever. We will also continue to provide assistance wherever we can to support music programs and musicians in this new environment for as long as is needed.

We need your help and support more than ever in these trying times. Please click on the donate button on the right side of this page to help us in our continuing efforts to “Make the world a better place through Music”

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