Happy Birthday to us!

This year Music for HOPE celebrates its 25th birthday!

For 25 years Music for HOPE has been “Making the world a better place through music” by providing musical instruments to school music programs and to students who otherwise would not have access to musical instruments. We did this through our program of collecting used instruments, refurbishing them as needed and then sending them off to their new homes, much like the SPCA does with abandoned animals (cue the Alanis Morissette music).

To celebrate our 25th year Music for HOPE is undergoing a “Makeover”. We have a brand new logo designed by one of the premiere graphic artists in Las Vegas, and we are revamping and updating our programs to be more in step with the world of today. (A lot has changed in 25 years). The first step (after the new logo) in this process is this brand new Blog. This blog will enable to share our story and progress much easier and keep our supporters up to date on what is happening with Music for HOPE. This will also open up more communication channels as our fans and supporters will be able to provide comments and feedback more easily. We will also be more focused on spreading the word through social media with our Facebook, instagram and twitter pages. This summer we will be launching a Podcast that among other things will help promote live local music as well as feature new and upcoming musical artists. Be sure to hit subscribe and follow this blog page for more information and details as this new project comes together.

Music for HOPE, 25 years of “Harnessing the power of Music for Good”

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