Happy 2020, New year, New Decade New Possibilities

Happy New Year! it is 2020 and we have some exciting new happenings at Music for HOPE !

We are continuing to help Make the world a better place as we enter our 3rd decade of “Harnessing the power of Music for good”!

Next month we will celebrate our 26th Birthday with a brand new program of live music offerings the “Starving Artis Songwriter Series”.  The exciting new program will give life to original music by local songwriters is several communities including Fresno California and the Henderson/Las Vegas Nevada areas.

Recent performance at the “Starving Artist Bistro” In Fresno California

The Starving Artists Bistro in Fresno Ca. launched their “No Covers Tuesdays” song writers night in January as part of Music for HOPE’s Starving Artist Songwriter Series.

Most local venues that have live music discourage “original music” and require performers to play “covers” songs that people already know. This leaves little opportunity for upcoming performers to “strut their stuff” with original creations.

These songwriters nights give local songwriters the opportunity to try out new songs in front of a live audience and showcase their talents in a live setting. This is a great avenue for songwriters to gain new fans and supporters and help them grow their fan base and careers.

We are currently seeking the perfect venue in the Henderson Nevada area to launch the “Starving Artist Songwriter Series” in the Henderson/Las Vegas area in February.

We are also actively seeking donations and  sponsors for this new program.

If you want to help out or would like more information on this exciting new program you can call Music for HOPE headquarters at 702-880-7900 or e-mail mike@musicforhope.org


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