Fall is here!

Well it is October, the fall season is in full bloom the leaves are changing colors and they have Christmas stuff in the stores already. Let me start out with many thanks to the friends and supporters of Music for HOPE . It has been a while since I posted an update. Time seems to just fly by. It was a great summer. Had  a great working road trip vacation to Wyoming and South Dakota. Visited with some old friends and made some new ones.

Hard at work, finally got the new podcasting studio up and running and will be recording  for the new podcast soon. I will be posting updates of when the first episodes will be available.

Next month we will be having a Board of Directors meeting and summit here at the Henderson, NV. Headquarters. Board Members and volunteers from all over including Spokane WA.,  Carson City NV.,  Columbia, South Carolina, Santa Monica, CA. will gather for  a 3 day conference to work on plans for new programs for the coming years. This is a rather rare opportunity since we all an all volunteer organization it is difficult to get everybody together in person. Most of our meetings and business is conducted via Skype and e-mails. Since we have no funding for travel expenses the cost is covered by the volunteers and board members themselves and with airfare and hotel costs this is quite an investment. We look forward to generating some new ideas and exciting programs.

Got to run will post another update soon!

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