New Program for a changed world.

With the COVID 19 pandemic Music for HOPE along with the entire world has been impacted. Overnight we were forced to curtail our operations and could no longer provide our programs to youth centers and assisted living facilities. To make matters even worse our revenues and donations dropped to almost nothing. Live music and production of events disappeared overnight and it looks like it will not return at least till next year.

In response to this Music for HOPE is introducing a brand new program. This program consists of a combination of live streaming and live performance events all produced with professional sound and lighting and with social distancing and covid restrictions strictly adhered to. We have launched the Live Performance segment with “Live Music Fridays” at a venue “Sugar’s located in Boulder City Nevada. We are still working on the logistics and equipment for the live streaming side and hope to launch this segment in the next couple of weeks with a new Youtube channel.

The mainMusic obstacle we have encountered is funding to upgrade our technology. We need your help and support more than ever in order to continue to support and promote music programs. Please follow the link on the right side of this page to our online donation page and make a donation today so that we may “Make the world a better place through music”.

Thank you for your help and support.

May 2020 Update

I have not posted in this blog for a while, not much to say given the events of the last couple of months. Needless to say with the restrictions imposed from the COVID 19 situation some of Music for HOPE’s programs have been put on an indefinite hold. We are not able to go into assisted livings or hospitals to provide music and most youth programs and schools have been shuttered.

These interruptions to our daily lives have not altered the need or importance of music in our daily lives but have changed the manner in which we can share it with others. The new programs that we were getting ready to launch consisting of open mic nights, songwriters showcases and performance opportunities for new and upcoming musicians were stopped dead in their tracks before they even got off the ground. These programs will still see the light of day we just do not know when we will be able to restart with the live music ventures.

In the meantime we have been busy supporting artists who have been live-streaming on various platforms with financial assistance and promotional assistance by sharing on social media and whatever other means at our disposal.

We will continue in our fundraising efforts as when schools and venues reopen they will need our assistance more then ever. We will also continue to provide assistance wherever we can to support music programs and musicians in this new environment for as long as is needed.

We need your help and support more than ever in these trying times. Please click on the donate button on the right side of this page to help us in our continuing efforts to “Make the world a better place through Music”

Happy 2020, New year, New Decade New Possibilities

Happy New Year! it is 2020 and we have some exciting new happenings at Music for HOPE !

We are continuing to help Make the world a better place as we enter our 3rd decade of “Harnessing the power of Music for good”!

Next month we will celebrate our 26th Birthday with a brand new program of live music offerings the “Starving Artis Songwriter Series”.  The exciting new program will give life to original music by local songwriters is several communities including Fresno California and the Henderson/Las Vegas Nevada areas.

Recent performance at the “Starving Artist Bistro” In Fresno California

The Starving Artists Bistro in Fresno Ca. launched their “No Covers Tuesdays” song writers night in January as part of Music for HOPE’s Starving Artist Songwriter Series.

Most local venues that have live music discourage “original music” and require performers to play “covers” songs that people already know. This leaves little opportunity for upcoming performers to “strut their stuff” with original creations.

These songwriters nights give local songwriters the opportunity to try out new songs in front of a live audience and showcase their talents in a live setting. This is a great avenue for songwriters to gain new fans and supporters and help them grow their fan base and careers.

We are currently seeking the perfect venue in the Henderson Nevada area to launch the “Starving Artist Songwriter Series” in the Henderson/Las Vegas area in February.

We are also actively seeking donations and  sponsors for this new program.

If you want to help out or would like more information on this exciting new program you can call Music for HOPE headquarters at 702-880-7900 or e-mail


November Update

Its November and the holidays season s kicking into full rage mode. A lot happening this month.  With the Thanksgiving Holiday rapidly approaching we are getting ready for our  Music for HOPE volunteer appreciation party on November 16. Friends, family and volunteers from all over the country will descending on Music for HOPE headquarters for the 2 day event. We will also have our annual meeting of the Board of Directors. We will be reviewing our programs and coming up with some new ideas and changes in our program offerings for the  coming new year. Many thanks to the Fiesta Hotel & Casino here in Henderson for helping out with hotel room discounts and logistics for our out of town guests.

In other news on November 6th Music for HOPE will have a booth at the Touro University Community Service Fair at their Henderson campus.

Last month I met with several other non profit leaders here in Las Vegas including The  Southern Nevada Bluegrass Music Society,  The Old Time Fiddlers Association, and the Foundation to Assist Young Musicians (FAYM) to discuss teaming up to help promote music programs for youth in the Henderson and Las Vegas area. We came up with some good ideas and look forward to working together to help promote music to young people.

Last month Music for HOPE presented the FAYM (Foundation to Assist Young Musicians) organization with 6 violins through our Encore Program.

Our brand new Music for HOPE Tee Shirts have arrived. These shirts will be available as a free gift to donors who make a one time donation of $100 or more or a recurring monthly donation of $25 or more.

New Music for HOPE Tee Shirts

New Music for HOPE Tee Shirts

The Musical Memories program here in the Las Vegas/Henderson area is going like gang busters with several performances scheduled in November including a couple at the Las Vegas Acute Health & Rehabilitation facility here in Las Vegas.

Still working out the details for the new Music for HOPE Podcast stay tuned for updates.

That is about it for this update. Follow The Music for HOPE Blog here at and check back often to keep up to date on our latest happenings. Please make a donation to help our cause of  “Making the world a better place through music”. Just click on the donate button on the right side of the page to make your donation now. You can also stay informed of all the latest happenings here at Music for HOPE, just sign up for the Music for HOPE mailing list using the form at the bottom of this page.


Fall is here!

Well it is October, the fall season is in full bloom the leaves are changing colors and they have Christmas stuff in the stores already. Let me start out with many thanks to the friends and supporters of Music for HOPE . It has been a while since I posted an update. Time seems to just fly by. It was a great summer. Had  a great working road trip vacation to Wyoming and South Dakota. Visited with some old friends and made some new ones.

Hard at work, finally got the new podcasting studio up and running and will be recording  for the new podcast soon. I will be posting updates of when the first episodes will be available.

Next month we will be having a Board of Directors meeting and summit here at the Henderson, NV. Headquarters. Board Members and volunteers from all over including Spokane WA.,  Carson City NV.,  Columbia, South Carolina, Santa Monica, CA. will gather for  a 3 day conference to work on plans for new programs for the coming years. This is a rather rare opportunity since we all an all volunteer organization it is difficult to get everybody together in person. Most of our meetings and business is conducted via Skype and e-mails. Since we have no funding for travel expenses the cost is covered by the volunteers and board members themselves and with airfare and hotel costs this is quite an investment. We look forward to generating some new ideas and exciting programs.

Got to run will post another update soon!

July is almost over!

July is almost over and it is getting close to the start of another school year already. My this summer is flying by. Music for HOPE has been busy working on redefining our programs to best achieving  our mission of “Making the world a better place through music”.  We will have some exciting news about a new concert series coming soon to the Henderson Nevada area that is currently in the works. Please remember that we need your help to make all of this happen. Your donation of any amount will help us in making the dream come true. Make your donation today, it is easy, just click on the “Donate” link, enter your donation amount. For your security all donations are processed through Pay Pal’s secure server. Music for HOPE, “Harnessing the power of music for good”

If you or someone you know would like to help make a difference with Music for HOPE as an entertainer, or volunteer in some other capacity contact Mike Jones at Music for HOPE headquarters 702-880-7900 or by email .

Make sure to subscribe to this blog and follow our facebook page to keep with the latest happenings.

Say hello to summer

Well it is mid June and things have been sizzling around here. Not the weather mind you although its a coming. We ended May with a wonderful shout out from our friend Brandi Carlisle who provided Music for HOPE with 100 tickets to her June 1st  “Echo in the Canyons” concert in Washington State to share with our friends and supporters. I could not make the concert myself as I was stuck here at Music for HOPE Headquarters in Nevada but I hear a good time was had by all. Thank you Brandi.

I just got back from a quick road trip to Fresno California to visit with some of our Music for HOPE volunteers and supporters. I stopped in to one of our favorite local music venues (and biggest supporters in the area) the “Starving Artists Bistro“. If you don’t know about “Starving Artists Bistro” it is a local restaurant with some great food and an all ages music venue with a twist. You see Starving Artists has an open stage complete with sound system, microphones, house instruments and all all invited to get up and share some music at anytime the restaurant is open. I met with the owner and a good friend Bob Sullivan to see how things were going.  Bob informed me that things were going well musically. Their stage is almost always occupied with some great talent. Most of the musicians who perform there are young upcoming musicians who would not have an outlet to share their musical offerings or a place to hone their craft if it were not for Bob and the “Bistro”. Several young artists have gone on to get record deals after being “discovered” on the stage at Starving Artists.   To learn more about the “Starving Artists Bistro” you can follow them on facebook  or follow the “Starving Artists Bistro Musicians” group Most days you can catch some great music live streamed on facebook. Thanks Bob Sullivan for all you do to help young people get involved in music!


Well I am still working on the new and improved Music for HOPE website. There is just not enough hours in the day but it will be done soon!

That is all the time I have right now but follow this blog and I will have more to share real soon.


Mid-May Music Notes

The month of May 2019 is  half over already.  Memorial Day and the onslaught of summer is almost upon us. May has been a busy month so far. We are making progress on the new Music for HOPE website and it should be complete soon. Last week we delivered 2 new Native Instrument Maschines to the Lee Antonello Elementry School’s music program in North Las Vegas. These Maschines were donated to Music for HOPE by Lil Miquela, Brud and Native instruments  a couple of months ago. We will be working over the summer to get an assortment  of school band instruments for  Lee Antonello Elementry School  to start a new band program there in the fall. We are continuing to work with the Henderson Salvation army chapter to support their new summer music program starting in a couple of weeks. This week we will delivering a couple of guitar, amplifiers, keyboard and stands to augment the instruments we have already provided. Lots of really cool stuff happening here at Music for HOPE Headquarters. Will be posting more updates in the next couple of days.

April 2019 Update

April has been a busy and exciting month here at Music for HOPE Headquarters. First thing I would like to thank a local volunteer here in Henderson Nevada. John Duran, for providing entertainment and sharing his guitar skills and vocal prowess for the Henderson Nevada Salvation Army’s 2019 Spring Festival. The weather was perfect and the turn out was good and the entertainment was superb. Thanks John for helping “Make Music Matter” her in Henderson.

As April comes to a close we are working on our new and improved Music for HOPE website which we hope to have finished soon. If you are reading this then you have found our new blog site which we launched this month. With the blog we will be able to share information about our programs and upcoming events easier in addition to our Facebook page and Instagram presence. We are also working on creating a new “podcast” which will replace the “American Music Hour” that we had for several months. We hope to launch the podcast in June so check back for more details coming soon.

This summer we are working with the Henderson Salvation Army to provide free guitar lessons to local youth participating in their summer day camp programs. We will also be re-launching our “Musical Memories” program this summer which provides entertainment for assisted living and adult daycare facilities. If you or someone you know would like to be involved as an entertainer, instructor or volunteer in some other capacity contact Mike Jones at Music for HOPE headquarters 702-880-7900 or by email .

Make sure to subscribe to this blog and follow our facebook page to keep with the latest happenings.

Happy Birthday to us!

This year Music for HOPE celebrates its 25th birthday!

For 25 years Music for HOPE has been “Making the world a better place through music” by providing musical instruments to school music programs and to students who otherwise would not have access to musical instruments. We did this through our program of collecting used instruments, refurbishing them as needed and then sending them off to their new homes, much like the SPCA does with abandoned animals (cue the Alanis Morissette music).

To celebrate our 25th year Music for HOPE is undergoing a “Makeover”. We have a brand new logo designed by one of the premiere graphic artists in Las Vegas, and we are revamping and updating our programs to be more in step with the world of today. (A lot has changed in 25 years). The first step (after the new logo) in this process is this brand new Blog. This blog will enable to share our story and progress much easier and keep our supporters up to date on what is happening with Music for HOPE. This will also open up more communication channels as our fans and supporters will be able to provide comments and feedback more easily. We will also be more focused on spreading the word through social media with our Facebook, instagram and twitter pages. This summer we will be launching a Podcast that among other things will help promote live local music as well as feature new and upcoming musical artists. Be sure to hit subscribe and follow this blog page for more information and details as this new project comes together.

Music for HOPE, 25 years of “Harnessing the power of Music for Good”